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Learn, apply & share
A revolution is happening in the communication industry. The choice in advertising options is dropping, partly due to the rise of paid content services such as Spotify and Netflix. The impact of traditional advertising is also dipping, whereas (micro) influencers and authentic storytelling are increasing their share of the PR & Communication mix.

At Glasnost, we believe that agencies that operate in the fast-changing media landscape need to be adaptive and have an integrated approach. Agencies should not be just an executive force, but a true partner to their clients. This can only be achieved with a passionate team that has a willingness to innovate and the desire to take ownership of their projects. For a growing agency like Glasnost, this translates into giving young talent the opportunity to obtain the right skills and tools to navigate the ever-changing media landscape–now and in the future.

Akademya – Making dreams come true
Working at Glasnost is not a job; it’s a career. It is an opportunity for people with all levels of experience. We have programmes in place for those who are just getting their feet wet and still need to discover all facets of the business, but we also have a talent-management programme for more experienced PR experts. The personal ambition of participants come first and – even though we can’t make you a celebrated artist or astronomer – we will try to help you live your dream if it is within our abilities. We live by the Glasnost Akademya philosophy: Making dreams come true!

This blog post takes a closer look at the traineeship for recent graduates. We like to compare it to the Ajax youth academy; also a ‘best of the best’ incubator.

Learn, apply & share
A diploma alone does not make one a marketing professional. They say the best learning environment is real life practice, but we think we can do even better. By giving ambitious young employees on-the-job training and the tools to grow both professionally and personally. Glasnost runs a 3-year traineeship for newcomers with a maximum of two year work experience. The programme will teach them all they need to know to become an all-round consultant, from office basics to drafting PR plans; from creating concepts to budgeting and contract negotiations.

All you need to know
Glasnost has grown tremendously since its foundation in 2012, but one thing has not changed at all: our DNA. No matter which services or products we promote, our approach always revolves around the elements of our proprietary 3M method: Message, Moment and Means. This method is one of the pillars of the traineeship. The first sessions discuss the evolution and implementation of the 3M model, Glasnost’s core business and our view of the changing PR, Advertising and Media world. Last but not least: we teach participants how to explain their work to their family and friends. The next stage of the programme is divided into three themes: PR basics, PR specialisations and Personal development.

Year 1: PR basics
The first year of the traineeship focuses on basic skills that are essential for PR professionals. These range from office skills (hour-invoice concept; email CC do’s and don’ts), time and event management and writing skills to building coverage reports (to measure and proof PR value), compiling media lists and pitching campaigns to journalists. Visits to editorial offices, creating visually attractive presentations, clearly outlining ideas and public speaking are also part of the programme. Upon successful completion, the young talents become Account Assistant.

Year 2: PR specialisation
Native Advertising has become an essential part of the modern media landscape and as such, it is a standard part of our PR strategy. The second year of the traineeship solidifies participants’ knowledge of three specialised areas of PR: Native Advertising (how to create editorial-like content in cooperation with bloggers, TV makers and influencers); Creative Content (the art of art direction, briefing creative teams and everything else that comes into play for catchy and engaging videos, animations, photos and other visuals) and Account Management (overseeing projects and communicating with clients). Additionally, part of the training is customized for each participant. This module highlights the importance of preparation, confidence and non-verbal communication in relation to the message. Participants also learn about good copy writing, budgeting and negotiation as well as creating and pitching concepts. Once this phase is successfully completed, participants move on to the next level: the position of account executive.

Year 3: Personal development
It goes without saying that Glasnost employees must know what the message is, how and when to communicate it and which financial resources are needed to create the optimal reach and visibility for a client. In short: how to implement the 3M model. However, true professionals not only need expertise, but also self-knowledge. That is why the final year of the programme focuses on confident and proactive communication with clients as well as identification of participants’ strong points and improvement areas. Another few months of personal development sessions will show if participants are ready to rise to the position of all-round consultant. If so: mission accomplished.

The instructors are all senior Glasnost consultants or directors. Inspiring workshops and lectures by well-known (ex) journalists, coaches and experts in the field of influencer marketing, video production and branded content make up the rest of the curriculum. The combination of systematic coaching and a practical approach, in which the knowledge gained can be immediately implemented, ensures that these three years transform novice PR talents into seasoned professionals with a ton of experience.