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When you think ‘sportscar’, you think Porsche. Even though the brand is one of the best known in the automobile industry, young adults don’t seem to have a strong connection to it. The tightening rules regarding privacy, as well as the ban on third-party cookies, make it difficult to gain insight into this group. That is why the Porsche importer for the Netherlands, Pon, asked Glasnost to create a relevant content platform that can draw young adults in while distilling valuable data from their visits. Porsche is looking to target the ambitious entrepreneurs and creative trendsetters of the future who may not be able to afford a Porsche right now, but may want to purchase one later on in life. The task was twofold: determine a creative and strategic angle for the editorial vision and organize the operational side for setting up the actual media channels with inspiring content. Making Porsche a brand publisher, the carmaker will soon be firmly back in the driver’s seat.  

Discovered by Porsche behind the scenes


Even in a world of abundance, not everyone owns a Porsche. The brand has an aura of uniqueness around it; a certain sense of exclusivity. One has to work hard to earn a car like that. That is the feeling Glasnost aims to evoke by publishing unusual stories for an audience that is hungry for exclusiveness. Hence, Discovered was born.

Porsche and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. The connection goes beyond the successful entrepreneur story of Ferdinand Porsche; it is also about having to be successful to be able to afford a Porsche. The content on Discovered is all about working life and professionalism. About people who stand out in their field because they dare to take the path less travelled; inspiring individuals from various industries and (sub)cultures. Such as micro-influencers, who have established themselves in their niche market and are presented to the world by Discovered. It is not all shoptalk; there is room for other topics that are of interest to the target audience, such as art, design, music, fashion and travel. 

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Moved by Sound Rikki Borgelt


In cooperation with Digital Branding Agency Born05, the concept of Discovered was translated to an online platform that breathes exclusiveness and luxury. Visitors browse the content by ‘flicking’ through pages filled with articles, photography and video. Discovered automatically adapts to the medium on which it is viewed and plays video vertically on smartphones. Interviews are in regular text-format, but three other features focus on sound and imagery. Tipping Point features short documentaries in which extraordinary entrepreneurs talk about the tipping point in their career. These stories are packed with inspiration, passion and determination. Moved by Sound, produced in cooperation with Podcast Agency Airborne, is a monthly podcast by Eva Cleven. She talks to trendsetters from the music industry about their careers and illustrates the timeline using seven songs selected by her guests. There is also space for car reviews, albeit not in a traditional format. In Eye for Detail, guests such as architect Rikjan Scholten, designer Mats Horbach and shoe designer Zeynep Dag, discuss Porsche models from the perspective of their specific disciplines.

With Discovered, Porsche now has a platform to build a community around. A platform that can grow further, incorporate new formats to inspire visitors and create more content that will make young hearts skip a beat when they think ‘Porsche’. 

Watch here the trailer of Discovered by Porsche Watch here the trailer of Discovered by Porsche
  • Lin Schakenraad Account Director (Glasnost)
  • Christian Brienen Senior Content Creative (Glasnost)
  • Timo Wilbrink Creative Director (Born05)
  • Arthur van Seggelen Account Manager (Glasnost)
  • Sophie Benink Strategy (Glasnost)
  • Mathijs Pattinama Junior Content Creative (Glasnost)
  • Zeferino de Fretes Art Director (Born05)
  • Arjen Gosman Senior developer (Born05)
  • Jesse Otten Motion designer (Born05)
  • Marjolein Franse Insights Strategy (Born05)
  • Marthe van der Westerlaken Project Manager (Born05)
  • Marvin Jacobs Creative Director (Airborne)
  • Maaike Luijer Senior Producer (Airborne)
  • David Widen Creative Director (Four Creating)
  • Jurriaan Kwakkel Visual Director (Four Creating)
  • Boris Marijn Camera (Four Creating)
  • Maarten Brom Camera (Four Creating)
  • Wiebe Beckman Creative (Four Creating)
  • Ruben Stam Post-production (Four Creating)
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