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NoordBrabants Museum interactieve tour

The cultural institutions in the Netherlands were hit hard by the mandatory closures issued early on in the COVID-19 crisis.

Het Noordbrabants Museum did not waste time in asking Glasnost for help with their online opening.

From briefing to product in less than two weeks

The project obviously needed to be more than just a peek behind the scenes of the Het Noordbrabants Museum. For starters, the online museum should radiate the hospitality that the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant is famous for. At the same time, it should feel like an actual museum visit as well as be very accessible. Basing ourselves on this briefing, Glasnost came up with the concept of an interactive video tour that would offer visitors the opportunity of more in-depth looks at pieces they were particularly interested in. We enlisted TV presenter and art lover Lucas De Man as host of the video tour. With his help, the whole production, covering the different areas of the museum as well as the beautifully landscaped gardens and the museum café (including its famous Bossche Bol pastry), was shot in one day while keeping the recommended 5 feet distance. Lucas ends the video tour with the request that visitors show their ongoing support to Het Noordbrabants Museum by signing up to the official friends of the museum group.

Watch the video here.

Activation through PR

To reach as wide an audience as possible, Glasnost opted to have both Lucas De Man and museum director Charles de Mooij as promotional spokespeople for the video tour. On the launch date itself, Lucas promoted the initiative on national radio shows Radio 1 Journaal, Met het Oog op Morgen and Volgspot. Regional media were informed of the possibility for an online visit to the museum by a passionate Charles de Mooij. The video tour was also mentioned in COVID-19 lockdown lists by, for instance, Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB and the cultural magazine Museumtijdschrift. For those who traditionally visit museums mostly during the busy Easter Weekend, regional broadcasting service Omroep Brabant aired the entire video tour twice during the holidays.


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  • Stijn Zwinkels Account Director
  • Christian Brienen Creative Producer
  • Xanne Liebregts Senior Consultant
  • Beau Moesman Consultant
  • Lizzy van der Hofstad Account executive
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