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In the Netherlands, the demand for non-alcoholic refreshments is steadily rising. Non-alcoholic spirit distillery Seedlip is looking for ways to solidify its market position and asked Glasnost to help promote the brand. We jumped on the non-alcoholic bandwagon and opened pop-up off-license DROOG (DRY); a partnership between Seedlip and Amsterdam-based kombucha brewery Butcha. The pop-up store is the Dutch capital’s first alcohol-free off-license. Our media and influencer approach was successful in generating a ton of media attention and it demonstrated that alcohol-free booze is just as good as the real stuff – or better.


Seedlip wants to convince consumers that their product is a mature and tasty alternative to alcoholic refreshments, without compromising on taste or experience. Their creations can be enjoyed with friends, at home or elsewhere. Glasnost was tasked with creating awareness in the Netherlands for the Seedlip range of beverages and show that Seedlip is a wonderful drink in any situation; be it new or familiar! Seedlip wants to use this campaign to prove once and for all that non-alcoholic drinks are anything but boring and can be just as intoxicating as alcohol-based beverages.

Strategy & Implementation

We found the tie-in with current events that we were looking in the rising trend of ‘sober moderation’.  The idea behind sober moderation is that going alcohol-free is an acceptable alternative for social gatherings, on sunny terraces or when home alone. Taste and experience are a big part of making that intention work. Seedlip teamed up with kombucha brand and brewery Butcha to add bite to an array of flavour combinations. It was a match made in heaven. Just like Seedlip’s range, Butcha’s drinks are made from the best natural ingredients and have the complex and layered flavour palette usually reserved for alcoholic beverages.

Together, we launched off-license pop-up DROOG, the first non-alcoholic off-license in Amsterdam. In a press release, national and local food, lifestyle and specialist media outlets were invited to the grand opening of off-license DROOG. Seedlip founder Ben Branson and Butcha co-founder Samuel Levie were on hand to answer questions from journalists, who left the event with the wonderful press kit that was jointly put together by the companies.

To reach Seedlip’s food and lifestyle target audience, buzz about the partnership and the opening of off-license DROOG was created through paid influencer marketing.

We called in the help of the world’s number 1 bartender, Laura Brady, to extend the campaign. In cooperation with Butcha, she developed a special drink for the opening event called ‘tonic-inspired kombucha’.


The total PR value of nearly € 350,000 solidified Seedlip’s market position and definitely put their name on the map. The opening of off-license DROOG created national and local media awareness and the campaign was positively received by the intended target audience. The large number of media and influencer publications clearly demonstrates that the campaign infused the increasing desire for non-alcoholic beverages with new spirit.

  • Sophia Heemskerk Account Director
  • Manon van Brecht Senior Consultant
  • Loulou Wentholt Consultant
  • Mellijn van Zanen Account Executive
  • Dax van Eijkeren Account Assistant
  • Sophie Lips Design
  • In cooperation with Samuel Levie & Siewerd Nicolai (Butcha)- concept initiators & Two Chefs Brewing (pop-up store)
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