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The use of technology has created many exciting opportunities for the corporate and private sectors. The cloud, AI, Big Data and the Internet of things have led to new business models, novel approaches and improved results. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the companies that enable technical transformation in other organisations. Originally founded in India, TCS provides IT and consultancy services as well as corporate solutions. Its offices in Amsterdam serve a variety of Benelux-based clients such as KLM, Albert Heijn and Vattenfall. Projects undertaken in joint cooperation are, for instance, the KLM mobile booking and reservation app and the KLM social media bot BlueBot. Recently, TCS asked Glasnost to produce a company video celebrating 25 years of KLM-TCS collaboration. The positive reactions to this video prompted TCS to commission brand guidelines to be used for all future video productions.


  • Produce a company video to highlight the successful 25-year-long TCS-KLM collaboration and make employees proud to be part of the TCS family.
  • Develop brand guidelines for future TCS video productions.


The company video was to be about the visit of KLM CEO Pieter Elbers to the TCS offices in Chennai, India. The challenge for Glasnost was to not only create a narrative but to also find an approach that was in line with existing TCS branding and communication. The process was to be documented, resulting in a set of branding guidelines with step-by-step instructions for future in-house TCS video productions. As IT services are hard to capture in the video, Glasnost recommended adopting a documentary format. The video would follow Elbers on his trip to the KLM-branded TCS Agile delivery centre in India and demonstrate why KLM chose TCS as a service partner. It would also illustrate how the two companies have contributed to each other’s corporate successes over the past 25 years.


The narrative was defined by Elbers’ speech to TCS employees, footage of Elbers emphasising the importance of the partnership and footage of TCS Benelux Director Amit Kapur speaking passionately about the collaboration. Text overlays highlighted the jointly developed services and explain how new technologies were used in the process. The script, developed by Glasnost’s Creative Consultant Christian Brienen, resulted in a video that displayed optimism, pride and a pioneering attitude.

The video also served as the starting point for the ‘Video Playbook’ in which video production is documented from start to finish. The Video Playbook includes tips and conditions for a strong video concept that is effective across multiple (social) media channels as well as information on production planning; taking interviews; using voice-overs; optimizing workflow; graphic design; editing and publication. By compiling guidelines such as these, Glasnost enables other companies to become their own editors. In this particular instance, TCS is now able to create and judiciously use in-house formats and engaging content.


The success of the video was such that TCS decided to not limit the use of the Video Playbook to just the Benelux but to implement it on a worldwide scale. TCS employees expressed their gratitude and pride after watching the video and the overall response from external organisations as well as other Glasnost clients was similarly positive.

Visually strong and informative content can lead to new business opportunities. In cooperation with TCS, Glasnost has produced videos for organisations such as Vattenfall, Randstad, Infineon and Damen Shipyards.

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