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12. 7Ditches

Wouter was a guest at 7 Ditches to talk about Glasnost and the company’s vision on the communications profession. Along with the article, 7 Ditches published a small item on Wouter’s role as an entrepreneur:

You could say Wouter Glaser started his journey as an entrepreneur in his crib. He has worked for TomTom and Hyves, and now, runs his own award-winning PR agency, Glasnost Communications. He has always been extremely active. “I like coming up with new ideas”, he says. Soon, new Glasnost names will appear, as clients such as Vodafone and Reckitt Benckiser demand more. He learned the marketing profession during his time at Hyves and TomTom. The online environment played a big part in that. “I’m on Twitter, practice what you preach. It is a great way to show what’s keeping you busy.” Like playing golf in Scotland, shows one of his Tweets. “That was the first and last time I’ll ever play golf, I’m too busy working.” Wouter says he’s no ‘Sunday’s child’. “I have to work really hard, and not everything works out as planned.” Glasnost tries to find the right marketing route for every company. “You have to shoot the beer before the news comes out the bottle”, says Glaser, using a typical Dutch expression. With this he means that good campaigns are already finished before they come out. “My job is usually finished as soon as the press release has been sent out.” Glaser is convinced that business communication is at its best when it has been fully integrated in all media forms, including online. “As long as it reaches its target group, it’s valuable.”